Ecuatoriana de Chocolates

Ecuatoriana de Chocolates develops a complex chain of value between the cacao growers, our company and our clients;  in order to satisfy any chocolate demand, also supporting every aspect in the social development of growers and with environmental conscious

Calle de los Eucaliptos E8-56 y Calle E8
+593 (2) 248 1851
Quito – Ecuador | South America

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Ecuatoriana de Chocolates is one of the first chocolate factories in Ecuador, specialized in the production of fine gourmet chocolate, using only the best cacao ARRIBA FINO DE AROMA from Ecuador.

Our Origins

Thanks to its geographical conditions and its soil richness, Ecuador is the producer for excellence worldwide of Cacao Arriba fino de Aroma, a variety that is renowned for its unique flavor and aroma, which has made it a favorite of chocolatiers for the production of high quality chocolates.

You are looking for a specific flavor profile?  floral, fruity, nutty, etc …

We invite you to immerse yourself in a diversity of regions with an explosion of flavor and aromas.

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